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Utworzono: 22-02-2021

International Women’s Day 2021 is bound to be different. Keeping in mind the painful events that we have been witnessing since October 2020 the very idea of IWD, which is to celebrate women’s  social, economic, cultural and political achievements  or rally for women’s equality  is taking on a whole new meaning.  To some of us it might be yet another reason  why we should incorporate IWD  and its 2021 theme #ChooseToChallenge in our  English lessons.

Here comes a list of possibly helpful ideas if you wish to run a lesson on International Women’s  Day.

1.Do you need to revise present /past tenses  while being communicative? Or maybe you have been discussing how to write an article recently? Why not ask your students to interview women who have made a positive difference for women in your community? After all it may be a successful school president who has made a change in your  school or an inspirational relative. The follow-up activity  is to write an article about them for a school magazine.

2.Do you need to practise reading? I suggest using that link: https://www.rd.com/list/most-inspiring-women-alive-today . Here you can find 16 texts about inspiring women alive today. Using the  jigsaw approach  to reading  we can involve students in speaking and encourage them to develop their summarizing skills.

We can also focus on one biography only and build our lesson around it. Here I have found some tips how to organize it most successfully https://britannica.co.uk/blog/classroom-activity-international-womens-day/

3. Do you need  some more ideas? When  you  see https://eslholidaylessons.com/03/international_womens_day.html you will know how to use a short text in a variety of ways that will prepare your students for exam-like tasks.


Happy International Women’s Day!